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  • Sale! Medical Oxygen Cylinder Linde

    Medical Oxygen Cylinder Linde

    ৳ 16,000.00

    Medical Oxygen Cylinder Linde Company : Linde Size: Medium/Standard High: 3ft. Weight: 16 kg Pressure: 2000 Litters & 1.4 Cubic Meter Medical OXYGEN CYLINDER LINDE  WITH FLOW METER (full package) Oxygen Cylinder Trolly Flow Meter. Medical Oxygen Mask Nasal Canela Cylinder Capacity: 1.4 Cubic Meter One cylinder can be used for 10-11 hours continuously at…

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  • Sale! oxygen Cannula

    Nasal Oxygen Cannula

    ৳ 200.00

    Nasal Oxygen Cannula price in Bangladesh Material Plastic Cuff Yes Disposable No Sterilized Yes Waterproof Yes Nasal oxygen Cannula An Oxygen Nasal Cannula is a useful, useful, and significant Oxygen item for patients. In addition to the facilities of normal Oxygen. After lying in bed for a long time, many sick, elderly, and crippled patients want to sit on Oxygen….

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