What are the three types of nursing care?

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The three types of nursing care are:

Primary Care:

This type of nursing care involves the prevention and treatment of common illnesses and injuries, as well as the promotion of health and wellness. Nurses who provide primary care work with individuals and families to help them maintain good health, prevent illness and injury, and manage chronic conditions.

Secondary Care:

This type of nursing care involves the treatment of more complex health problems and injuries that require specialized knowledge and skills. Nurses who provide secondary care work in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings, and they often collaborate with physicians and other healthcare professionals to develop treatment plans and provide ongoing care.

Tertiary Care:

This type of nursing care involves the treatment of rare or complex health conditions that require highly specialized knowledge and expertise. Nurses who provide tertiary care work in specialized healthcare facilities, such as trauma centers, cancer centers, and organ transplant units, and they often collaborate with multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Another important service found in a nursing home is physical therapy. Physical therapy works with the person to help them regain strength, enduranceflexibility, balance and range of motion. Physical therapy is also used as a way of preventing injuries and accidents by focusing on restoring mobility, increasing fitness levels, reducing pain, and overall reaching a certain point of independence. Many conditions can benefit from receiving physical therapy in a nursing home, these conditions include arthritis, pain-associated types of nursing care with cancerdementiaAlzheimer’sstroke, and incontinence.

At skilled nursing facilities, in addition to required 24-hour skilled nursing, a licensed physician supervises individual patients. At nursing homes other than skilled nursing facilities, patients receive care from physicians not affiliated with the nursing home. These physicians are typically employed by a private agency that sends physicians to nursing homes per the request of the patient, nursing home, or patient’s family. The majority of these physicians are family medicine doctors or internists; however, some specialists such as cardiologists or nephrologists may also make independent visits to supplement their care. Check out our elderly care.